“Through the Glass”- Stone Sour

Ever listen to a song and get trapped in a memory? And then your mind drifts off on a tangent and you live in woulda-coulda-shoulda land for a while?

This song always does that for me. Throws me back to high school and my first real relationship.

I have been spending a week reminiscing about life and enjoying taking a mental break from the real world by doing what I have done for five years- I nanny for a family and their friends for a week in North Carolina. I spend a week playing with four kids, getting an ACTUAL tan, and enjoying not having to run the rat race for a few days.

My car is covered in sea salt, I am sporting a dazzling henna tattoo of a sparrow that vaguely resembles the Ed Hardy Swallow, and my hair has turned from red to faded streaks of blonde.

It could be worse right?

In a week I got some downtime to read books- from fluff to more fluff- I enjoyed every second of it. I got to hear some advice about love and marriage from two couples that have set a blueprint or at least an ideal for a life I’d love to have.  And I made peace with myself in a lot of ways.

I’m returning to school with trepidation. I will wade carefully and I will look forward to being educated and I will hope to make friends amongst my peers.

I will find sanctuary in the war raging in my heart.

I will not drown in the burden of financial debts to be paid off.

And I will make strides in creating a business and dream of my own.





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