“Some Nights”- Fun.

I love to hear stories about why people chose to create their business.

My mother started  Younique Image Consulting to help the average housewife find their style and purpose, she took her love for fashion and decided to make it easy to understand and access for the person who maybe just didn’t like to shop or change their style up.  Yes- she has high end clients, but the majority of her clients are mom’s and business women in the Richmond area.

My friend Abby, started Abby Grace Photography, because it was a vocation. She tried real world PR and the daily grind and instead found that her passion truly lay in wedding photography and bringing those special moments to life on film. She captures happily ever after- so that couple can savor the moment for eternity.

I started my business because small businesses struggle to have the same kind of marketing teams or experience as larger more well-established entities. I want to help smaller businesses enter the social realm and have a leg up.  I love to connect a business with the community around them, create a rallying point and a family support system to grow within. Life is all about our connections, so creating those connections socially is as important as a face to face conversation.

I  got the name “Be Sociable” thanks to my mother. When I was searching for social media inspired names and logos- LORD did I struggle with the uglies. Social Media logos are undeniably irritating looking, lots of global images and gumby like men holding hands.  I wanted something different.

My mom always used to tell me to get my nose out of my book and to “Go be sociable.” It was the Southern thing to do and as we now lived in the South that was what was required from me.

That truly stuck with me. I was looking for business cards, focusing on social media, and I stopped. “Be Sociable” had stuck with me, and so I switched my search to a more laid-back style.

I almost had a logo with a mason jar and fireflies. I might still change it 🙂

Be Sociable was born out of that idea of social gatherings, social circles, and social media. All with a dose of Southern Hospitality.

How was your business created?




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