“Payphone”- Maroon 5

I have to tell you- this song irritates me because there is no way in hell Adam Levine is using a payphone in this day and age. I mean- do they even still exist?

Today we are going to talk about Pinterest.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can store everything from cooking recipes to a dream house idea.

It’s great for motivation, for inspiration, for a good laugh… it’s also amazing for business.

Not only can you spread your message as a business owner but you can have fun with it!

Many businesses already have a presence on Pinterest- from tiny at-home shops sharing their Etsy wares to fashion giant Nordstrom.

Nordstrom is actually a great example of a business. It shows the current items in the store in exciting ways, combines in store items with upcoming fashion trends on the runway , and also- has a playful side by using “Boo” the Pomeranian, Fashion Cats, and Instagram photos.

Your business can share amazing pictures of your product, things that inspire your creativity, businesses you look up to or respect- the list is endless.

But you need some guidelines:

1) Make sure the main focus is on your brand and your major product. Show off all your hard work!

2) Try to limit your boards. People don’t want their Pinterest front page inundated with board after board after board.

3) Always hashtag or link back to your business in the description. Many people don’t edit the description and the more the pin is shared or re-pinned, the more people will see your business.

4) Keep it fun. Yes- the focus is on your business and what drives it. But you are an individual and you have interests outside of your job. Share the books you love to read or funny cat pictures.

5) Track your time. Pinning can become a time-suck. The next thing you know you have a neck cramp, you haven’t eaten in five hours and you have completely planned your future by way of house, children and wedding. Set a time limit for yourself and make sure that something like a buzzer or beep knocks you out of your screen induced trance.


Officially- Pinterest is now wide open. No need to wait for an invite. Sign up using your email, Facebook or Twitter. Get your Business on this social network and enjoy the benefits.

And if it’s late tonight and you have questions?

You’ll know where I’ll be.



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