“Lightning Strike”- Snow Patrol

When you buy this song. WHEN- not if- you will notice it is 16 minutes long. It is three songs in one- it is wonderful. Snow Patrol is one of those bands that makes my entire day.

I had a great run today. A pick-me-up run. One that helped clear the cobwebs and re-energize the body.

I needed the boost. I’d eaten horribly this past weekend and my body has been feeling awful.

But 24 hours of eating well, drinking ridiculous amounts of water has helped restore me.

As a person and fitness fanatic and grad student- I can’t wait for the iphone 5. I have a Blackberry. Which as we all know is a dying brand.

And I want apps people. I WANT THEM.

I wan’t the Lift App for fitness- which allows you to check in on your tasks. My first task- 25 pushups a day. Minimum.

Running every day would probably be my second.

Flossing. Because lets face it- who wants to hear your dental tech bring it up EVERY TIME.

I also want to interact more with the Nike Running app.

And I want to Instagram things I see while I am out.  Like the freshly bloomed flowers this morning. They were stunning.

In other news…I’ve been hard at work this week on a project for school- Bisquick.

I made an apple tart using Bisquick mix. I didn’t follow directions, I just kind of prayed it wouldn’t be a huge mess when I was done. It turned out ok and for that I am grateful. I hate to waste food and ingredients.

I’ve been trying to figure out the brand problem. I’ve done hours of research- and honestly all I feel is nervous. I am supposed to stand up in front of my peers and one of the most respected industry professionals- and try and tell a story about a brand that less than one week ago meant nothing to me.

And I feel sick to my stomach. I have a constant worry about interacting with these people and making a fool out of myself.

That’s just one of the worries I have right now. Others of them fall into the categories of finances, family and physical appearance.

As always- onwards we go.



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