“National Anthem”- Lana Del Ray

Obviously the appropriate response to the post-debate evening is a Lana Del Ray song.

I found the debate extremely interesting. Not so much what our candidates had to say- because talk is cheap and I truly believe the American people need to be researching their candidates platforms and choosing the side that most aligns with their values.

Choosing a candidate based on a public finger-pointing session is not an intelligent decision.

And that moderator was in serious need of assistance.

I also believe that this debate highlights the need for a Moderate Party in the United States- because two volatile and different ideologies are not helping this country move forward at all.

Obviously some others believe the debate had an entirely different purpose.

So much of what was brought up last night became interesting because of the Social Conversation around it. Facebook lit up like a Christmas tree, more tweets were sent in 90 minutes than for any other event in the USA.

Twitter was AMAZING to be a part of. People were replying to comments in real time, asking the more appropriate and real questions than those on the page in front of ignored Jim.

Facebook was hosting lively debates about which candidate was doing better and what issues should have been talked about instead.

I love how people consider one debate a “overall win.” I think Mitt Romney won that debate, I think President Obama will come back twice as hard in the next two. He is an incredible orator and last night was not representative of his skill at all.

What was represented is how engaged our generation still is in politics. Four years ago youth came out to vote for President Obama in droves. There were riots in the streets around VCU with people celebrating his victory. Four years later they are asking where their jobs are, why their student loan debt is so bad, and what the future holds for them. And they are still politically engaged.

That is encouraging. For apathy is the true killer of America, the people who chose to watch DVR’d TV or a movie instead of listening to the issues facing every man, woman and child on this continent.

What is also encouraging is the imagination and humor still found in the people that are engaged. When I went to sleep last night @FiredBigBird had 8,000 followers. 8,000 people rushed to follow a fake account based on a comment made on a debate. We are listening and we are responding in kind.

The memes on the internet regarding Big Bird and PBS are another example of how people are voicing their opinions digitally and refusing to take what the candidates say and let it be. The people are demanding answers.

Like what Mitt Romney’s actual budget plan is. And how Obama plans to find jobs for all of us college graduates.

I feel it also bears mentioning that with a generation that has grown up with the internet, the anonymity and sense of “I cannot be touched” that comes from spending so much time on the other side of a screen, is not always a good thing.

i.e. Kitchen Aid

President Obama may not be your favorite president or even a person you like or admire. But he was elected, fairly, in a democratic election, by the people of the United States. He is the face of America today. He is our leader. And even if you did not vote to put him there- he is POTUS and deserves respect. The role of President is not to be taken lightly.

I would have killed to be in a Communications classroom today debating about the debate itself. What techniques could the President have used to look more secure and less rattled? How could Mitt Romney have come off so prepared? Is there truly a winner when half the country feels they are losing?

I look forward to the next two- this race is not over yet.

How did you feel about the debate? And were you an actively involved social media member yourself?



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