“Dice”- Finley Quaye

I am exhausted.

I am struggling.

I am struggling to be excited about life right now.

I seem to be in over my head right now, I am having issues getting my world to right itself sunny side up.

It’s not unusual-it is however a longer lasting bout than normal. I am on day 4 with no signs of slowing.

I am starting over today with my diet and exercise regimen. I am going to experiment with more wholesome food items to try and clear out my body of crap. Cutting down on my chocolate and ice cream and other sugar loves for a few days of fruit. No juice- just water and tea. That sort of thing.

Someone we talked to at the clothing swap said she’s felt her life change with putting 70% vegetables on her plate. That sounds like fun and delicious snacks to me.

I am hoping those changes will help me focus a little bit better. I feel so incredibly off.

I need a re-charge.

I think the food and exercise will help. I think a good laugh will help as well.

This is my laugh goal this week.

I will probably find myself awake and buoyant and raring to go tomorrow morning with my luck.

But today- today my goal is to stay floating.



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