“Bedroom Hymns”- Florence and the Machine

There are 60 days until Christmas. Sixty.

I have to warn all of you- I am a little Christmas obsessed. Like, start planning my gifts in July, obsessed.

I love finding the perfect gift. Not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that you may have mentioned in passing while we were out for coffee or pointed at in a store or magazine months before.

The one that shows I know you and that I listen.

And I love seeing your face when you realize it!

I don’t really care about getting gifts myself. Do I like them?

Oh yes.

But does it matter as much as giving someone else something they love?

Not even close.

I have a few websites that I use every year for ideas and inspiration- and if you are someone who loves to Christmas shop I highly suggest giving these a once over.

1. Gifts.com

This website is super helpful. You can set your price limit, age range and occasion for the person you are shopping for.

It’s a great way to get a variety of ideas- and even allows you to choose by personality type!

2. Excitations.com

I am a huge fan of experience gifts.  I have given Sky Diving, Flight Lessons, Dinner with the Redskins… etc.

You can choose your region and search for items ranging from food to an F22 Flight.

3. UncommonGoods.com

I love this site. It is filled with unique and one of a kind items that really make a statement.  Some of the items are a little pricier, but the nice thing about it is that it’s not a mass produced item.

4. Etsy.com

I am OBSESSED with Etsy. I have a list of items to get for Christmas that are all under $25. You can find things to suit ANY taste and a lot of them are handmade and one of a kind. Who doesn’t love that kind of attention to detail?

5. Pinterest DIY.

I know I talk about Pinterest ALL the time. But I love their DIY ideas. Everything from baked goods in a box to the cups with sharpie ideas.

And they have awesome decorating ideas!

Like using wrapped and decorated Kleenex Boxes as “Presents” for decoration:

Or hanging ornaments from pipe cleaners and string in a kitchen or bay window:

There is just SO much you can do!!

I know not everyone is as excited as I am about this Holiday. But it’s so much more. It’s a season of selflessness, a season to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings you have had this year, an opportunity to bring joy to friends and family, and a chance to believe in the magic of being a child once again.

I hope I helped you on your hunt for the perfect gift!



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