“The Moment I Knew”- Taylor Swift

I am wonderfully surprised by Taylor Swift’s “Red” CD. Mostly because she collaborated with Snow Patrol, but also because it is not a Nickelback version of country music, like her other CD’s.

I want to discuss the concept of pain. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

As I have been posting on Facebook (much to my friends irritation) I have had a wisdom tooth pulled recently. This experience for me was one of trepidation- my previous extraction was miserable. I was given very little numbing medication and an advil. I felt the entire experience- painful and terrifying and was given nothing for the pain.

Leading up to Friday I was really nervous. I had nightmares about being sawed in half. And on Friday morning I sat in the dentist’s chair with my eyes tearing up and forcing myself not to hyperventilate through the procedure. Thankfully, the assistant took me seriously when I said that I do not want to feel anything this time or I would rain hell down upon the building. And I was given some very serious painkillers.

A nice 180 from my first experience.

But there are other kinds of pain.

The pain of annoyance when you see yet ANOTHER Political ad gracing your television screen or hear it on the radio.

The pain of horror when you see tragedies befall your nation, like the storm damage from Sandy. Knowing that you don’t really know what you can do to help and sending money to the RedCross doesn’t feel like enough.

The pain of uselessness when you see the ASPCA ads with “Angels” and the broken hearted eyes of animals abandoned by people deserving no less than the same treatment.

The pain of being broke. Sometimes you can be successful and still not have the financial safety you need when an emergency arises, like that of a grandparent becoming ill over 3,000 miles away.

The pain of frustration.  When you see things slipping away from you that you have worked so hard for. Or that you wanted so much.

There is a lot of pain to deal with somedays. It feels overwhelmingly hard at times.

I am grateful that I am as lucky and as blessed as I am, but I still struggle.

I feel like pain can either own you or be overcome by you. As an individual you have a responsibility to live the best, healthiest and happiest life possible for yourself.

You have to love and love hard. Laugh and laugh often. Keep moving when all you want to do is wallow.  You have to give back to the communities that support you and helped you become who you are. You have to help those less fortunate and give love to people and animals that haven’t been loved much at all. Not as a duty but as a way to become a whole person.

And once you focus on all that- pain become a background noise.

Live and love hard today friends.



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