“The Night Starts Here”- Stars

This song is so hopeful. And so upbeat. And it is an instant mood booster.


I am so grateful for the friends and family sticking by me as I put up blogs about daily life and fitness, but also for trying to help small businesses build a stronger social media presence.

One of the BEST ways a business can grow it’s presence is to offer a contest. I have mentioned before that my friend Abby Grace Photography does an incredible job of keeping her fans engaged with small contests. I have also seen Laura Gordon Photography do a similarly great job in keeping people coming back for more, also using contesting.

It’s not just about giving back to the people whom have followed and supported you. It’s about creating a wider fan base that helps spread your message. It’s not only good for business, it’s good for making stronger connections with people.

So I am sure you need the contest details now… and the prize.

I know you all have a brand or business that you think does Social Media extremely well- and a brand or business that you think does Social Media at less than their best.

So I want you to tell me who you nominate for Best and Worst in the comments.  (It will ask for your email address if you have never posted before, it is just a spam blocking feature and I will not use or sell your information- ever.)

And then I will pick a winner and mail you a box of gourmet truffles (your preference: milk, dark, or white) from “For Love Of Chocolate.”

Because let’s face it- gourmet chocolate makes the world a better place.

It is also a great opportunity to address some issues on how we can make social media better for all of us.

So there you have it- we have until Friday and I can’t wait to see your answers.


P.S. I am so excited.


2 responses to ““The Night Starts Here”- Stars

  1. BEST – The Pittsburg Steelers. If you are not bear a tv for their games, their Facebook gives a great play-by-play for you. Their FB also highlights new franchise products that are coming out (flags, gear, etc). Best of all, they show on their Fb how they are giving back – autographs for United Way, special activities for Veteran’s Day, and pics of Roethlisberger and Polamalu with Make a Wish kids who wanted to meet their favorite players. It just makes me love the team that much more.

  2. WEAK – surprisingly, LAS VEGAS’ Fb leaves something to be desired. It’s ALL promotion – and I get it, they’re trying to make $. But I know there’s a lot going on in Vegas besides shows and gambling. For example – marathon’s/half’s that happen time to time. Also, most gambling website have a link to something like “Have a Gambling Problem”, which I haven’t seen on Vegas’ site. And if you’ve been to Vegas, you’ve seen the beggars on the streets – the casinos could be making some charitable efforts. Vegas’ Fb promotes the money-mo getting stereotype, which isn’t great for the town. Also, many days there’s only one update. I refuse to believe there’s that little going on in Vegas. Their Fb has fewer than 1 million followers, while the Steelers (mentioned below) have over 4 mil. Even though I’m sure there are more people fond of Vegas than of Pitt.

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