“Little Black Submarines”- The Black Keys

Ya’ll I love this song. I love The Black Keys- their sound is just so unique.

Please keep in mind the Contest is STILL going. You can enter just by writing who you think does Social Media well as a brand and who could stand to change a few things! That’s it. Pretty simple way to win a box of gourmet chocolate- am I right?

Well- today we are going to talk about Pinterest for Business and how this can help your company SO much.

Pinterest has announced it’s creation of business accounts- as well as allowing you to switch an existing account to a business account.

Why is this important?

Pinterest is the second largest driver of internet sales- next to Facebook. It took over from Twitter in less than two months in the beginning of this year.

Your voice is easy to share on Pinterest. You can upload your relevant work or create boards that really work well and support your business initiatives.

Some Examples:

  •  A photographer may put up boards of “Wedding Favorites”, “Portraits”, “Boudoir” and  “Family”- and supplement with great tips for photo make-up, how to pose like a pro, etc.
  • Or an Image Consultant may do something along the lines of: “Color Trends Winter 2012”, “Must have classic closet pieces”, “accessories that can’t be beat” etc.
  • As a fitness fan I definitely think your boards could include: “Hot Weather Gear”, “Cold Weather Gear”, “Protein Shakes”, “Motivational Quotes”, “At home workouts”, “smart snacks” and more.

It’s all in how you describe it. Every Pin should link back to your business Facebook Page or Website. Every Pin should have either a hashtag (#BeSociable) or comment about how this relates back to your business.

Most pinners do not change the description of a pin so it is a great way to spread YOUR message through pins and re-pins.

It’s a viral way to share your content with a limited budget. It gets people interested and allows them to find the source of the content when they need it. You are the driver of this experience- you can make it as easy as you want it to be.

Consider adding a Pinterest Business Account as another way to spread your message and enjoy the act of taking part in the process. Make an activity you enjoy work for you.



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