“Ruby”-Kaiser Chiefs

I’ve sat down to write this post a million times over the past three weeks. From day five in South Africa.

But I couldn’t bring myself to spend even a moment of time strapped to my iPad when I had sunshine to absorb, baby lion cubs to play with, elephants to ride and wonderful conversations to have with my grandfather.

I wish I could write the day-by-day of my trip but it truly blurred into a rhythm of sunshine, reading, incredibly food, and unbelievable experiences. I can’t and don’t have the words available to describe the beauty of sunset on the beach while walking with my aunt, feet leaving tiny imprints that were worn away by the waves.

Or the majesty of riding a young, ten year old elephant female, who has nothing but joy in taking a walk around the Inkwenkweze game reserve.

Or the sheer, inexplicable elation of having a baby lion cub sitting in your lap while you are chatting away with your incredibly intelligent cousin.

I am completely exhausted emotionally.  I am still on my comedown from the trip. It was absolutely bittersweet- so much time spent with family that I love and adore and yet so heartbreaking because the next time I go there is so far away.

But in other and more exciting news- my secondary research is complete, my primary research is underway and I am beyond excited for the possibilities that 2013 holds.



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