“Just The Way You Are/ Just A Dream”- The Bella Bardens

I watched Pitch Perfect twice this past weekend. And I loved it. Not only because I was in show choir in high school, spangly dresses, choreographed moves and all. But because I truly respect the talent of singers who can create music the way acapella singers can.

The thing I loved most about it, is that it shows that taking a risk and doing something different pays off.

And that’s kind of inspiring.

Well I watched the Super Bowl last night, along with millions of other Americans. And holy cow…What a GAME!


Love this photo (Credit to @Pattersonlaw and @buzzfeed for it):

Baltimore Celebrates!

It was truly a beautiful game to watch. Not just because I am emotionally invested in both advertising and football and so I got to do two things I loved at the same time: scream for a good game and tweet snarky comments about the ads.

If you are interested in the hilarious commentary that ran- check out the hashtag #BCBigGame and view what my classmates have to say.

Here are a few samples:

ace bcgame1 mauricio

The amazing thing is there was some really great advertising.

  • Tide
  • Budweiser
  • Dodge Ram

These spots were extremely well done, smart and emotionally invested in people.

Honorable mention?

Leon Sandcastle.

And as much as we hate GoDaddy- They got the attention they were looking for. In Spades.

The real winner however, was Oreo- not for their lame “Cookies and Creme” whisper commercial, but for their Twitter Ad that had over 12,000 retweets before the game was over.


That is the true power of social media and smart advertising strategy.

I love watching football, and my life will be majorly lackluster until it comes back in the fall. But I am so glad that I got to be a part of a great advertising experience, watch the Ravens play to win until the very end, and spend some time talking shit with my friends and classmates.

Now it’s time to do some actual work.





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