“Boys and Buses”- Hayden Panettiere (Nashville)

“Boys and buses got a lot in common
They both pick up speed when you
Try to stop ’em
You could waste your breath
You could scream and cuss ’em
But there’s no use chasing after boys and buses.”

PREACH.  If you can’t tell I am on a serious Nashville kick right now. I have played this song at least 25 times…today.

I am so sore today. I only managed 37 minutes of Cassey Ho’s arm and back workout before I was like, “You know what sounds great? Sitting.”

I did wind sprints yesterday morning. And walking lunges around the track. And tricep dips. And push-ups. And… cardio kickboxing class.

Which was great. It was high energy, it was an awesome workout, it was a great time with friends. I really had a blast.

Today however, my butt is not happy. Walking doesn’t want to happen. Sitting is actually uncomfortable. And unfortunately I didn’t do enough today to make it not sore. But I plan to make up for it tomorrow with this:

Thanks Cassey Ho for giving me some new ideas and a great sweaty workout. And thank you Apple iPad for making this run awesome- because I can continue watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. 

Seriously though- if you are anti-gym and in need of some motivation, the Blogilates website is where you need to be. I have been loosely following the #FEELFABFEB calendar and even after a week and a half I can feel a difference. It’s a lot of pilates based moves and occasionally it involves light dumbbells (5 lbs. or less). I have been using it in combination with cardio and weight lifting and it’s great.

But on top of my treadmill workout tomorrow I have a new daily exercise to add to my list: Taking Onyx for a 30 minute run as well. She has a new habit of jumping our fence and making a beeline for the nearest neighbor with a dog…which would be cute if we weren’t one street off of a main road and I fear her impending death daily.

So I have been all over Cesar Milan’s website and looking for ideas, answers, suggestions etc. She starts in agility classes on the 17th, which I will take some video of, but she is a very energetic 1.5 year old border collie/pit mix. And thanks to the border collie in her- if she isn’t given a job she will find one. Like jumping fences.

So according to Cesar- I have to make her too tired to jump. Or- two to three 30 minute runs a day.

It’s not a matter of finding time so much as it is prioritizing time to make sure she gets what she needs. If getting up early is on that list, so be it.

And I can always use it as part of my 10k training right?




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