“Hold On You”- Ponderosa

I watched “The Lucky One” today. I am not a sappy movie girl. I don’t like love stories. I prefer movies where things blow up, there is an awesome main character (i.e. super hero, autobot, historical figure, fairy tale character, spy etc.)

I actually hate Nicholas Sparks movies. I see a preview and I think, “Great.. who is going to die?”

But moving on…

I have an author I love, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and my favorite book  is “This Heart of Mine.” A story about a nerd who falls in love with a pro-quarterback. It’s not heavy. It’s an easy read. It makes me laugh, it makes me smile and out of all of her books it’s the one I connect with the best.

And in the front she signed it and it states : Because everyone deserves a great love story.

I have a mixed relationship with love stories. I love to watch them and read about them because I do have a romantic side to my personality. It pops up in relationships.

I know that in life, and love, nothing is ever guaranteed. And I think that’s my biggest issue with romantic comedies and romance novels- there is always a happy ending. And I think that’s horse shit.

The truest love story I have ever seen is “Crazy, Stupid, Love”- it shows relationships are hard work, that loving yourself is as important as loving your significant other, that sometimes the hot guy in the bar is the one and it is ok to meet your soul mate over mint chocolate chip ice cream at the age of 15.

I think if movies showed a little more of that. How there is happiness with a little work… maybe I would like them more. And no- I am not talking about some epic rescue scene and then thats it- love forever.

Love stories always make me think of my own life and the relationships I have had in the past.

I don’t give my heart away easily and when I do- I do it whole heartedly. I hold nothing back. 100% in. And that’s a double-edged sword because when a relationship ends… you have to build yourself up again from the beginning.

Someone once told me that it takes one month to grieve for every six months of dating… I don’t think it’s that easy. I know it’s never been that easy for me. I think everyone heals eventually, but when you truly love someone they own a piece of your heart and you never get that back.

But..back to the crappy movies.

I suggest that if you want to watch a movie you watch absolutely anything but a rom com. In fact I suggest you watch something with stunning visual effects and very little substance… like Pochahontas Avatar.

Or Fast Five.

Or How To Train Your Dragon. Because the true love story is between a man and his best friend – the dragon.

Avoid movies like Failure to Launch, Fool’s Gold, anything written by Nicholas Sparks or with a young Meg Ryan and you should be ok.

And if that fails… I suggest Haagen Dazs Gelato Dark Chocolate Chip. It’s just what your soul will need and it definitely helps with the pain. Trust me.





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