“I Will Wait”- Mumford & Sons

I have been MIA because I have been working out.

And working on schoolwork.

And babysitting.

And altering my diet.

And making plans to get my NASM!

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Ok so lets start at the beginning.

Workouts This Week:

I have run 6 miles so far, got another plan to run today.

Biked 7 miles.

Swam 15 laps without stopping.

And had Two Personal Training sessions.

I have been training with Jay at Phyzique and she is awesome. A good trainer pushes you, listens to you, lets you vent and keeps you motivated. She does all of that.

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School has been awesome lately. We are working on an innovation project in the small kitchen appliance category and my idea was chosen. It’s an extremely gratifying feeling to know that you are contributing something worthwhile to your class and college experience. This year has definitely been a better year for me in terms of having my voice heard, my ideas considered, and my interactions with my classmates. While I miss the full-time job paycheck, I do not miss the feeling like I was in over my head.

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Babysitting has been my main source of income lately. As with any luxury business, Social Media Management is not always consistent. I do a lot of prospecting and interviewing but there are lulls. I am in a lull.

It’s a hard place to be in right now because you don’t want to search out too much work when your future is nebulous. Where will I be in two months? I have absolutely no idea. While I can manage social media from anywhere, clients like to have the option for face-to-face interaction regularly and I don’t want to remove that option.

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So on to diet. I have recently discovered all the benefits of coconut oil. I mean there are over 150 of them that I have found so far.

I may be obsessed.

But did you know it’s been used to help people with anxiety and depression? To help stop memory loss? To improve thyroid function? To decrease belly fat in women who took two tablespoons a day consistently for 9 weeks?

I mean.. what?!

So my diet now involves an infusion of coconut oil.  It’s so easy to add into a smoothie or toss on a slice of toast with butter. The other thing I am adding in is ground flaxseed. Something I have been meaning to utilize for a while.

Source: Google Images

Now I am working on getting my NASM! I have wanted to do it for ages and a local gym, ACAC Short Pump, is hosting a course with an NASM master trainer. With this program I will have my NASM CPT about three weeks after I graduate with my masters. Do you know how awesome that would be? I mean seriously… Everything I have worked for this year would literally be attained by June.

What have YOU done with your week?



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