“Birthday Dress”- Lil Playy

Umm I unabashedly love this song. I found it on my iTunes this morning and was beyond stoked to hear it.

I went a little shopping crazy last Sunday.

I went a little shopping crazy last Sunday.

I just went a little crazy this past week and spent some money on myself.  I have an unbelievable guilt complex when it comes to buying myself things.

Someone else? I am golden.

Myself? Not so much.

But I bit the bullet and spoiled myself and purchased a ton of Under Armour workout gear. And one super adorable Nike Pro shirt.

Why? Because a life in the fitness industry is what I want and I deserve to spoil myself a little.

And because I have worn a lot of other fitness clothes to within an inch of their limits.

But also because it’s near my birthday and I wanted to get a few things I needed without burdening my friends and family with a big list.

However- this apparently still needs to happen. So Here is my Birthday List:

First and foremost I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes in all their glorious forms:


These Jessica Simpson Wedges are at Macy’s. I am a 5.5. I want BOTH colors. K Thanks.

I am in need of a new perfume and thanks to Birchbox I have one I love:

Skinny Chic by Harvey Prince- available at Birchbox.com

I am in desperate need of some new make-up so an Ulta Gift Card wouldn’t suck:


I also have not purchased a new bathing suit in approximately 4 years. So I would love you to help me choose between this one from Target:

It comes in Orange!


Or the Monkini Version:

I think it’s super cute


Or this one from Victorias Secret:

The body does NOT come with the suit

Or this one from Nordstrom:

Or these Tom’s from Nordstrom:

The thing I am noticing as I get older is that I don’t really NEED anything at this point. I can’t ask for more house stuff until I actually live on my own again. (T Minus- 2 months hopefully!) Because I have absolutely nowhere to store it. I don’t terribly need much in terms of clothing. And I can’t ask for a “make my own gym” stuff either because A) it’s freakin expensive and B) I have absolutely no place to store it at the present time.

I am excited to turn 25 this year. I feel like 2013 is my year to accomplish a myriad of goals and I can’t believe at a quarter of a century I have so many possibilities before me.

Now let’s hope I don’t disappoint.



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