“Blue Ocean Floor”- Justin Timberlake

I am not a runner.

That’s what I have been telling myself for months. Years.

I run. I am not a “runner.”

But today, when I stepped outside expecting some mild sunshine and the threat of sprinkles and instead getting drizzled on, I found out that I might actually be a runner.

Because I just ran 4.48 miles in the rain. And it was a truly lovely and beautiful experience. It was very solitary, not lonely, and kind of magical.

Unlike a sunshine day where you pass a runner a block in my parent’s neighborhood, today my only partner was the road.

It was surprising to me how fast the 40 minutes went by, I wish I hadn’t had to stop twice to fix my shoe laces, but I don’t feel upset with my time. And I fully believe I will come in under 52 minutes on ten k day.

Which may not seem like a massive accomplishment to more experienced runners, but I think it’s pretty cool.

Talking about runners and the community of runners makes me want to talk about another #fitspiration, my teammate and friend, Elyse.

Elyse has been the perfect embodiment of everything we have worked for on this independent study. She started out working out and eating clean this semester because she was tired of doing all the work and not getting results and having a hard time dealing with the demands of grad school, no sleep and fitness.

Totally stolen from her Instagram account.

Totally stolen from her Instagram account. But check out how bad ass she is!

And now she has fully taken control and is in love with Fitness and the healthy lifestyle.

She’s my teammate but she’s also a huge inspiration! She makes me want to push just a little bit harder every day.

You can check out her blog with our other teammate, Christine, here. 

Reblog, listen up and have some fun with her- just like I get to!

And have a truly Happy Easter!



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