“Boston”- Augustana

There is an incredibly strong emotion running through this country right now. It is the belief that we will overcome and return stronger than before.

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions both personally and nationally.

Today we have the horrific fertilizer explosions in West, Texas and the floods of Chicago. Worldwide, our friends in the Middle East suffered a devastating earthquake. And on Monday-we were all caught off guard by the horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon finish line and the loss of life by three innocent individuals.

When we look at life on the grand scale, and see things like the Boston Marathon bombings, you take a step back and wonder- why the hell someone would do something like that to a crowd of spectators supporting one of the greatest triumphs of the human body?

A marathon is a mental and physical war that you wage for months before the big event. The spectators, as a Jezebel writer stated so eloquently a few days ago, is what makes that journey worth it. The random stranger offering water, cow bells, maracas or music on your battle of wills for 26.2 miles.

Runners as a community are freakily supportive. Try running or hell, even walking, in your neighborhood. You do the head nod or the one handed half-wave acknowledgment. Even if you are in the zone, you see someone running, and you give them a “Hey! Way to Go! You are doing something AMAZING!” head nod.

In my opinion this extends to the entire fitness community. You are biking? AWESOME. You are walking? PHENOMENAL. There is no end to the support for getting up and moving.

That attitude is what pervaded my team personally this semester, working with three other women on the longest, hardest and most loved project of my Brandcenter career. Under Armour is a brand that I not only have tremendous respect for, but I truly believe in what we have created for them.  And I love it.

I love the attitude of my team, I love the support system we have created and the energy we put forth. I am madly in love with the fitness industry and I hope that that passion will find me the career that melds both advertising and fitness in the future.

Because being fit and having a healthy lifestyle means you are a part of that community that never gives up, that always accepts a new challenge, that pushes for a personal best and I want to be nothing less than my best at all times.



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