“What Now”- Rihanna

10 weeks out from my first Bikini Competition.  I am starting to see some small changes in my body.

The eating is definitely the hardest part. You are constantly fueling your body, pushing to make sure it gets fed every 2- 2.5 hours.  It’s a process. Prep, packing when you are on the go, making sure you have enough in case you get home late, trying not to run out of fresh fruit, or protein.

An example of what my fridge looks like.

I’m lucky that I have some great girls supporting me on this. My friends and I have been working out like crazy, sharing healthy recipes, doing girl’s nights in instead of spending my evenings downtown.

I feel like I am back at Radford, being the designated driver, sober downtown. Which is nice for my wallet and for my figure. But it’s a very weird experience.I’m not a huge drinker, but when the only alcohol on your approved list is red wine or straight tequila. You tend to drink less. But you get to witness some of the best dance moves, insane bar flirting, and actually engage in conversations with people who have much more entertaining stories than you do.  So that has been an absolute win.

I’ve picked up a second job on top of my normal, 40-hours-a-week position with ICF International. I am now Personal Training part-time at ACAC in Short Pump. Which is amazing- I love getting to meet new clients and help them fall in love with fitness all over again.

All of this is in addition to working out on my own and taking time each day to make sure my dogs get their exercise too.

Sleep seems like a phantom thing some days. But staying busy has been a life-saver.

A calendar that is constantly updated is the best thing you can have.  Clients, Girl’s nights, Doctor’s appointments (I have scheduled my first consult for Lasik because I am beyond blind), all of it is in the one thing I keep on me at all times: my phone. I looked into getting a paper planner, but I swear- it sits in my purse and does absolutely nothing.

Proper planning is the only way to stay on track for this competition and to keep all my life organized. I have 10 weeks to make a difference. 10 weeks to figure out how to schedule bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, and my parents going out of town while still maintaining work, job #2 and my workouts.

What do you use to keep you on track? How could you plan better? And any advice for this first time competitor?



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