“White Walls”- Macklemore

As a social media person I talk about consistency all the time, but lately I have been slacking. The case of the cobbler with no shoes. Running other social media accounts and working two jobs leaves me with a little less time for general housekeeping responsibilities.

I’m loving my part-time job. Training is such a personally rewarding experience. I love to help someone find their groove in the gym, work on the issues that are facing them, and then push them past their plateaus. My clients range in age, size, level of proficiency- but they’re all dedicated to a different lifestyle. And that is awesome.

Although it’s been very interesting fitting my workouts into my new, super-full schedule.

Let me tell you- an NPC Bikini Competition is no small undertaking. It’s hard work. It’s all the time work. It’s saying no to dessert and eating 6 times a day and upping your weights until you have to ask for assistance to get the barbell on your shoulders for single-leg step-ups.

And it’s also incredibly rewarding. The body is a machine, that with a little attention can transform in incredible ways. My strength gains have been unbelievable. The changes in my muscular structure is eye-opening. How I feel by eating cleaner is unmatched. It’s amazing how things like sugar used to control a lot of my craving and eating decisions and now it’s something I barely think of. 

Although I can’t lie. I have a running list of foods I want to eat in 7 weeks. 

I also have to get like 1000x tanner. I am the color of milk.

With 6 weeks until Show Week, I am definitely feeling nervous. Adjusted my eating to include more protein.  Hunting for a bathing suit that doesn’t make me feel like I’m in a rap video and won’t cost as much as my LASIK surgery.  Trying to not feel like an idiot practicing posing in platform heels… there are moments I feel like it’s a bad intro to a Cinemax late night film. 

I mean for real….

I have to remind myself that this is a process and that I’m not going to look show ready for more than a few days. And that I’ve worked really hard, that I will continue to work really hard, and that I have a lot to be proud of.

I’m hoping my LASIK surgery won’t keep me out for more than two days too. I decided that I would go through with it this year and I’ve scheduled surgery for March 19th. I’m a little nervous, but honestly, I am so excited about the possibility of waking up and being able to see that I can almost cry.

They did Tiger Woods’ eyes. And he was worse off than I am.

I got glasses in the 4th grade. I remember being a “troubled kid” in third grade and being moved to the back of the classroom.Really- I wasn’t being a smart ass. I just couldn’t see the board, so I couldn’t answer questions correctly. I remember getting the glasses. Purple frames, with Sylvester the cat from Looney Tunes on the side. And I put them on and we were driving past the trees on the way to the house and I looked at my mom with such surprise, “Oh I didn’t know there were individual leaves on trees?!”

I’ve had glasses since I was 10 and contacts since I was 11. I turn 26 on March 28th and the fact that I will be able to wake up and see the numbers on the alarm clock without fumbling for my glasses or being able to put make-up on and not worry that I will have to re-do the entire process because one, minuscule flake of mascara decided to wage war between my contact and eyeball; that is incredible. 

If you have any advice- whether it be on my first NPC adventure or what to expect post-LASIK procedure, please let me know. I’m excited and nervous about both!




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