The hardest part about training is comparison.

Everybody will say, “Don’t compare your journey- the only person you are training to beat is you!”

Let’s just call this what it is- bullshit.

Ladies and gentleman- in a fitness competition, you are being compared to the women on the stage next to you. You are being compared on how lean you are, how good your glutes look next to the girl next to you, how your back looks, is your hair perfect, is too much of your ass showing or not enough?

This is www.instagram.com/mdemske   She's insanely in great shape

This is http://www.instagram.com/mdemske She’s insanely in great shape

I’m 6 weeks (5 weeks if I’m being realistic) out from my first NPC Competition. And I’m struggling with the comparison part.

To be honest- I’m struggling with the workout parts too. I don’t know if the working two jobs, running a house, taking my dogs for a walk and a 1 hour workout everyday is starting to wear on me- but I’ve been doing two days on and then getting sick and taking a day of rest – only to repeat the cycle.

Just adjusted my eating and workouts and adding BCAA’s in to help with my recovery time. But it’s feeling like climbing Kilimanjaro right now.

I want to do this competition and to do it right. But I am losing my steam. I’m frustrated with my seeming lack of physical changes when I see images of fellow competitors and their “leaning out phase.”


A friend of mine has a great Instagram, kardiokarleyk, and she transformed herself in five months to win her pro card in her first competition. She’s back in her training phase, seeing changes in her body all over again, and she gets as frustrated as I am but she keeps saying, “post progress pics, you’re never going to look as good as you do during competition.”  She’s also struggling with the changes in her body in the off-season. She also struggles with comparison- even to her own pictures.

All of these are Karley's photos and tansformation

All of these are Karley’s photos and transformation

And seeing that helps.

It helps to know that people that I have seen do crazy things with their bodies- understand the struggle too.

It helps to see that they are also posting workouts and helpful tips on their accounts as well.


Like Katy Hearn Fit, she posts quite a bit from her workout routines. Especially glute workouts.  Which is good for someone who is starting to get bored and unmotivated by her routine.

The interesting part about being in this community, about trying to strive for a different body, about working hard to create something out of yourself, is how weirdly damn supportive everyone is.

This is my friend, trainer, and fellow competitor- Abby. She has her own blog, does distance based coaching and has competed at a National level. And she has been online helping me with every dumb question I have asked, sending me encouraging messages and texts too.

Whether or not you are struggling or frustrated, if you feel like you don’t look as good- there are people in your corner. People you have never met. Katy Hearn and Mdemske have a ridiculous amount of followers- they still take the time to respond to every question that one of them posts.

Your friends want you to succeed, your fellow trainers, your coaches, your dietitian. Everyone wants you to do your best. And even if you are comparing yourself to the next level up, they are there to help you get there.

So I might be frustrated. And I may not want to go to the gym today because I feel like I can’t see the changes. And I am tired of being frustrated and feeling like crap after a workout.

But I’m going to go anyway. And I’m going to figure it out. And 5 weeks from now I will be stepping on a stage and proving to myself that I can do it.

And maybe- I’ll even have some comparison pictures of my own.

Please check out my fitspiration ladies above, they are super active on Instagram, post a crazy amount of selfies, but also- have big hearts and will help get you motivated and started on your own journey.





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