“Amazing Grace”- Destiny’s Child

Today I get to celebrate 15 years of glasses. 15 years of smudged lenses that never seem to get actually clean. 15 years of microfiber cloths that I’ve lost over and over again.

I remember sitting in the office trying to put my contacts in for the first time. Over an hour of frustration as I poked my right eye over and over again to try and get the sucker in.

And then 2.5 minutes to get the left one in.

The difference between glasses and contacts is night and day.

Straining between peripheral blurriness and my lenses disappeared. My headaches disappeared.

I remember the first time I got glasses. Staring at trees with a sense of wonder. They weren’t green blobs. There were leaves, tiny, distinguishable, and wondrous.

photo 1

I’m staring at the sum total of my eye health and wondering how it can be so little.

But then again, I’ve moved a lot so it doesn’t surprise me that I don’t have more contact cases. I tend to throw them out after a while.

photo 2

The black and yellow frames saved my life when I lost my contacts to a flake of mascara on the highway.

The Black and white- now stained red on the ends from one too many hair dyes.

The Brown Steve Madden Frames that always made me feel smart.

I’m excited to hand them over to someone else. Someone who lives in a country where glasses are a dream and not a reality. Where trees are blobs, and numbers on a board are too far to see. Maybe it will be a little kid who slips them on and discovers the wonder of leaves on trees. Or a woman in her 20’s who can finally distinguish the lines on her love’s face.

I’m glad I live in a world where I am afforded the opportunity to have optional eye surgery- but also where I can gift my contacts and glasses to someone who couldn’t afford them in the first place.

I’m nervous today. And excited.

I’m excited to not have to worry about getting in the ocean because salt water will rip my contacts out of my eyes.

I’m excited to be able to put on my make-up and not start from scratch because one piece of mascara has decided to wreak havoc.

I’m excited to wake up in the morning and see the numbers on the alarm clock.

So thanks for your prayers and your love. I’ll be back online on Friday when I am allowed to check a computer screen again.




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