“Come Get It Bae”- Pharell

My aunt would say, “say when”, and of course, we never did. We don’t say when because there is something about the possibility of more… more tequila… more love… more anything… because more is better.”- Meredith Grey

I love to keep busy. I’m not an idle time kind of person. Even in my downtown- I can read three books, answer ten emails, post for several businesses on social media and get a tan.

Although my hair and makeup never looks like that.

Right now I am working three jobs. Maintaining my day-to-day life with the 9-5 at ICF, working part-time as a Personal Trainer in the evenings at ACAC, and managing my own clients with Be Sociable doing community management on various social media accounts.

I also try to maintain my own life as well, working out consistently, giving friendships the time and attention they deserve, spending time with my newly engaged sister, taking care of my dogs by making sure they get the exercise and attention they need, keep the house clean and grocery shop. Typical requirements for any individual.

On top of all of this I managed to find time to compete in my first fitness competition and it was a transformative experience in many ways.  I’ve never worked harder or been prouder of myself. And originally, I had planned to maintain that momentum and move forward with my second competition this year on July 26 at the Lenda Murray NPC Competition in Portsmouth.

But it might be time for me to say “when.”

I need to be ok with the fact that taking a step back does not mean that I am a failure, that I am incapable of managing my time. It means that I need a break, not for my physical health but for my sanity’s sake.

I need to be ok with just enjoying living for a little while before I ramp back up to full-blown competitor mode.

I have a pretty crazy summer coming up. I have trial, an engagement party, a girls-only vacation in Key West, weddings, birthdays,  a week of babysitting at the beach, not to mention work opportunities that will increase my time spent in the gym.  I don’t need to spend every day worrying if the bite of cake or the extra glass of wine will make it so that I won’t place in my next competition.  And I will obsess. Because that is who I am.

I’d rather enjoy the next few months, experience life front and center and then push forward to train for another Schakbuilt NPC competition in October. It allows me to slowly make muscle gains, the right way over the next few months, to experiment and plan out my meal plans and diet for show.



Plus I’d get the opportunity to stay in Roanoke and see my friends and fraternity brothers. Maybe stop in at Radford and speak to some of my favorite communications professors. And that in itself is something to look forward to.

So I am saying when. And I’m feeling really great about that decision. It’s not something I do often, it will definitely take some getting used to, but at least I feel less burdened and worried. And now I can enjoy the things I need to going forward.

Anyone else have a “say when” moment?




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