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Today I read the full-blog of a “coach” on Instagram, one who I had looked at last year prior to choosing to do my bikini comp on my own terms. The diet plan she had sent was insanely restrictive, her supplement list all supported her day-to-day living, and when I showed it to my registered dietitian we determined it was not a healthy or sustainable plan for 12 weeks.

In her blog she talks about how she’s qualified to write meal plans because she is fitness nutrition certified. FYI- that is incorrect. Not only is it unethical for a personal trainer to write meal plans, as it directly violates the guidelines of every certifying body, it could cost you your personal training certification. The ONLY person who can write a meal plan is a registered dietitian. A person who has 2+ years of experience in medical school, not including the years of schooling and education leading up to that.

This “coach” has written multiple articles on how fruit is the other F word and based on her opinion it’s too fattening.

This is a woman with over 378,000 followers on Instagram. She is being promoted by other accounts in order for them to tap into her followers.  She sends people meal plans and tells them not to eat fruit to attain the perfect physique.

I hate to pull to the white girl card but I literally can’t even.

Personal trainers should know about nutrition, they should be educated, they should ask questions, but they should know when to work with others. A great personal trainer has formed a relationship with a registered dietitian, they have success stories, they have worked in tandem to help their clients reach their goals.

They do no overstep their bounds. They do not write plans for their clients. We can discuss guidelines, we can write down things like:

  • eat 5 small meals a day
  • always combine protein and a carb. Like plain greek yogurt and some berries/granola or hummus and celery
  • drink 3 liters or half your body weight in ounces of water every day
  • Lay off the processed foods
  • switch from white to wheat/whole grain

We cannot tell you specific calorie amounts. We can NOT tell you what food will react with your medications. We cannot tell you your resting metabolic rate. That is the sole responsibility of a registered dietitian.

Bodybuilding, bikini competitions and training are all attainable while using healthy methods. One thing I have been actively researching and working on furthering my understanding of is the If It Fits Your Macros approach to eating, which focuses on the specific macro and micronutrients your body needs to attain the physique you want.  I’ve been working, in conjunction with my registered dietitian, to see if this approach is better for maintaining a healthy lifestyle long-term. There are major proponents of the program, with great results.

The thing that I find intriguing about the IIFYM method is the focus on flexible dieting, non-restrictive food lists, no ban on fruit because it might make you fat. It involves a lot of tracking but, like any diet plan, once you get used to a pattern of behavior you can back off of that.

But like any workout regimen or diet plan- WORK WITH PROFESSIONALS!

I am WORKING with a registered dietitian now. We are reviewing options. We are a team. I am not overstepping my role with my own body or with those of my clients.

You can ask them- the first thing I will do is give them the dietitian’s number.

You won’t see me on Instagram promoting meal plans. Or writing articles that make no sense and are NOT based in science about how fruit makes you fat.

I won’t be telling you that if you have excuses you just don’t want it enough, I will tell you to dust yourself off and do better the next day, to continue to do better.

I will not make you feel bad because you don’t workout at the level I do, and I will definitely be celebrating your small milestones as much as your big ones.

I don’t care about your before and after- I care about how you feel about yourself. How strong you have become. How knowledgeable of the weight room and your form you are. How confident in your body and it’s ability to move- THAT is what I care about.

I will go the extra mile to motivate you and keep your spirits up and be there when you’re frustrated and share my own frustrations.

Perfection is not attainable. Progress is. Happiness is.

So if you are training and writing programs you have no business writing- check yourself. Check your ego. Look at your clients in the eye and make the promise that you won’t continue to damage their bodies because you lack knowledge.

Ask for help. Form a team. Work within the community in order to help everyone achieve their best results.

Be a better trainer.



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