“First”- Cold War Kids

“Do one thing a day that scares you.”

I love that quote. It’s inspiring and terrifying at the same time, the kind of combination that I think forces change.

I’ve had my head down and stuck in go mode for the last two weeks. I have spreadsheets of new house finances, trying to pay last month’s rent and new house rent in the same month is straining my precise budget. I have lists of things that have to be done:

  • Cable (check!)
  • Electric
  • Recover Furniture (Cheaper than buying new!)
  • Check for new rent/ pet fee

This is the fabric I plan to use for the throw pillows. One couch will be covered in the brown/grey fabric of this swatch and the other two cream chairs I have will be covered in the darker turquoise. All the throw pillows will have this on one side and a solid color on the other.

For work, I’ve taken on a satellite market in Fredericksburg with 3 sites and home delivery, I’ve been meeting with local businesses trying to put together events and presentations and creating a sense of community support for Relay Foods. I’m still in charge of 7 sites in Richmond and looking to open another in my territory in Goochland. That’s a lot of plates to balance in the air, a lot of relationships to manage and schools and parents to support.

He even let me have this AWESOME new workout shirt. In Georgia red.

He even let me have this AWESOME new workout shirt. In Georgia red.

I’ve been luck though because I get to meet business owners like Darren Taylor of Total Performance Nutrition, who spends thirty minutes talking to me about his beliefs and philosophy and where fitness and food combine in a partnership. He’s not only extremely knowledgable about his products and his science, but also a genuinely good guy and I can’t wait to start that business partnership. Plus he let me have a container of the Nuts N’ More Toffee Crunch and he’s severely upped my peanut butter game.

Personally, I’ve stepped into several roles. I helped plan a great surprise for my mom, building a presentation and a speech for my mother’s Award for Excellence at AICI. It was one hell of an achievement and driving up to surprise her at their gala dinner made every bit of planning and sneaking around and presentation building worth it. I’ve never known a woman more deserving of an honor and I’m so glad her business partner and association President is part of our family and our team and behind the entire thing!


My mother built her small business from the ground up, then a school to help others do the same. Her struggles a small business owner helped me create my business, Be Sociable, where I help other small businesses run their social media accounts so that they can have time to do the thing they need to do the most: Run their business. Right now, I only manage three accounts, but it’s good work, that helps them. And it’s affordable. Which is a rare thing for most small business owners.

At VCU, I’ve been allowed the privilege of teaching as an adjunct. It’s terrifying to stand in front of a room of bright minds, to assign them projects with real companies, companies who could change and expand with their work. It’s also so fulfilling to be in that room and know that I have a lot to offer, that I bring multitudes of work experience to the table, that I’ve chosen my career path differently from my peers but in such a way that I’m truly happy, and to have classmates and colleagues come in and speak and bring their own experiences to the table. The world is made of connections, big and small, and maybe these connections will inspire and change as well.

With Fitness, it is an ever expanding role. I run a Facebook fitness group, writing workouts and sharing recipes and encouragement. I’m no internet guru or Instagram star. I don’t represent a company and I share workouts and work ethic of trainers I admire, as well as asking other trainers in to the group to feel free to share as well. I want to encourage people more than anything. I want to help.

I work out with former clients at one of my many gym memberships, because I love them and want them to succeed, even if we can’t work together. I still train at ACAC where I continue to try and help others in the community start their fitness journey or build on it.

But with all those things that I’ve had going on- I forgot to put my fitness and my goals on that list. Three years ago I set myself up with a challenge of doing one fitness related event per year. Looking at my schedule, it seems insane to consider doing something like an NPC Bikini show in 7 weeks. I have three birthdays and two weddings to attend. I’m moving. It’s a lot to prep and a ton of work to put in.

But all the people I admire as a trainer: Bret Contreras, Sohee Fit, Katy Hearn, Layne Norton– all of them ask the question: How important are your goals?

My goal was one fitness related event a year.

So I’m doing it. I’m working with a man whom I greatly respect, who works with IIFYM and we have a very similar approach to real foods and exercise. He and his fiancé are both NPC competitors, with a team of competitors who’ve placed under their belts. I also had the joy of competing with Lucas in my first show. He and I’ve become friends over the past year, instagram stalking and talking about goals and philosophies. And he contacted me about working with me over the next 7 weeks. He’s warned me it’s going to be hard and that I’ll need to be on point and consistent.

So I apologize in advance if I’m a little dead in the eyes over the next seven weeks. I’ll be the girl cursing up a storm on the stairmaster and hitting new PR’s on Hip Thrusts. I’ll be on a meal prep tear and calculating macros like crazy. And I’ll be doing something that terrifies me, working towards my own goals, while keeping all the plates in the air.

Because my goals are important. And it CAN be done.



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