“Hello”- Adele

Blogging. It’s the bane of my existence. The cobbler has no shoes. I’m so busy doing other things for work that I ignore my own responsibilities and efforts.

Let’s talk about Holiday stress. Weight gain. Well intentioned comments, trying to do better, and self love.

First of all- we are in a constant state of flux. Weight goes up and down. Sleep, water intake, calories, workouts, stress- all of it can contribute to weight gain or loss.

And let’s face it- the Holidays are a huge source of extra calories, a lack of sleep and tons of stress. Your time gets crunched between family events, work parties, Holiday get-togethers and extravagant meals. You’re drinking eggnog with your bourbon. You’re eating gingerbread men by the pound.

Brittany Dawn Fitness tweeted this: 

“Don’t miss out on 95% of life to weigh 5% less.”

It’s true. The Holidays are for celebration, for spending time with family, for a little excess here and there.

If you’re struggling with the idea of Holiday parties, try these tips:

  1. Fill up on protein before heading out. Make yourself a meal so that you won’t be as likely to mindlessly snack.
  2. Always offer to bring the veggie tray. That way you have something “safe” to munch on if you get stressed.
  3. Avoid mixers or make smart mixer choices:
    • Silk Almond Milk Eggnog: 45 calories per cup vs. traditional eggnog
    • Fresca instead of soda for your mixed drinks (or even flavored club soda)
    • One glass of water between drinks, keeps you hydrated and helps you fill up.
  4. If you know you’re going to indulge during the weekend, keep your diet closer to 90/10 during the week vs. 80/20. You’ll feel better, sleep better, and be less worried about having that slice of cheesecake covered in a gravy boat of caramel. Not that I had half of one last week or anything.
  5. Stay. Hydrated. Water. Water. More Water and did I mention water? Helps with stress, metabolism, your overall health- just drink more water.
  6. Get your workout in. Whether it be walking the dogs for 30 minutes, frantically cleaning the house for people coming over, or making it to the gym for 1 hour- the endorphins will help. And pro tip: Make it more fun with a friend! Lots of gyms are offering guest passes gearing up for New Years and New Years resolutions. I can tell you that working out with friends/clients significantly improves my mood and my workout.

I wrote 5 workouts for this week and I tried to make them as “at-home” friendly as possible. Feel free to download or share.


Lastly, self love. Remember that you have a body- you are not defined by your body. Don’t let frustration on how you LOOK make you feel bad about who you are. Take a moment each day and tell yourself one thing you like or love about yourself. For example, today my face is a wreck- but I still like how blue my eyes are.

Studies show that positive self-talk helps reduce stress levels and can help boost your self-esteem during a season where it can take a dive.

Step off the scale for the next week or two. Enjoy LIVING. Be present at your events. You can always workout more, you can never get the moments with the people you love back.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.




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