“Cole’s Memories”- Pyramid

I watched “We Are Your Friends” the other day and I’m vastly aware that I’m in the weird, minority of people who actually liked it. I liked the storyline and I’ve been JAMMING out to the soundtrack on walks and gym workouts.

Thursday’s are for prep talk, so let’s get to it. I’m weighing in at 129.0 this morning. I’m in a shitty mood, I’m frustrated with the number but not with the effort.


I’ve hit every other requirement from coach. I’m eating what she ordered, my workouts are hardcore, in fact I’m still suffering from DOMS two days after leg day, but the numbers are all over the place.

They say trainers are hard to coach but I also think we have a different perspective. Coach is not worried about the number and honestly, while it annoys me, I’m not too worried either. Because muscle definition is starting to show more and my face looks a little thinner in the mirror. Sometimes your body changes are more subtle than a number.


There are a lot of reasons for weight gain. Water retention- a big reason to never weigh yourself after leg day. Stress. Seriously. Between weddings, birthdays, father day, new tires, competition costs- I’m not exactly calm. I literally have a running calculation tab going in my head. But it’s manageable and it’s one day at a time- much like progress.

And that after all is the ultimate goal- progress. This is a competition/industry where looking “perfect” can be all consuming. I’m grateful that my attitude is not gung-ho, balls to the wall, win or die- because that’s not a healthy mindset for me. It’s about doing better than I did, personally, in my first show. It’s about pushing myself, and I’ve been doing that.


Here’s hoping 12.5 weeks from now it all pays off.



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