“No Room In Frame”- Death Cab for Cutie

I had an incredible experience at the Peter Gordon/Gary Udit posing clinic this past weekend. It was definitely an eye opening experience.

I stood with over 80 other people a we figured out how to best show our physique to judges. It’s awkward. Like giant baby giraffe in five inch heels awkward. And it’s not easy, you’re putting yourself up to be judged by everyone in that room. While the journey is personal, judging is very public.

I learned a hell of a lot, especially about the current state of affairs of an organization that I’m competing in. NPC is making significant strides to take a step back from the hard bodied bikini look and to bring women in a little softer and less ripped. They feel like it’s become so unsustainable that it’s detrimental to competitors and  potential competitors.

They talked about coaching and the purpose of a competition- which is body BUILDING, not body DESTRUCTION. Any form of excessive cardio, crash dieting, or self hate- “Don’t compete.” The discussion on coaches and healthy vs. unhealthy was long, but informative. I’m glad the organization is taking such a proactive approach to things like bad coaches and unhealthy practices, because I’ve definitely seen some extremists in action and I do not want to be representative in that.

I’m glad I went. As uncomfortable and out of place as I felt, it was the good kind of push out of my comfort zone. One that is pushing me to make improvements. Plus everyone there was incredibly nice and helpful and you cannot hate that.

Current physique at week four:

  • Weight: 125.8 (the damn scale refuses to move.)
  • Workouts: 5 days, 3 of upper body and two of lower
  • Cardio: 4 days a week, 2 HIIT, 2 Steady state



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